The brand NEW-NMP

The Future of WATER IONIZER is finally here.

  • Supports many languages
    In accordance with your convenience, you can choose the language you want among 4 of them.
  • Bright voice guided system
    You can hear the type and step of the functional water you have chosen, through the voice guided system. But, it still operates in cautious steps such as TURBO, even in voice OFF mode.
  • Automatic water discharge interruption
    To prevent water flow, water supply is suspended few minutes after the selection of a function.
  • Calculating water inflow amount function
    If the amount of water inflow is less or more than expected, you can see the error message on the screen.
  • RTR(Real Time Refresh) type automatic washing & manual washing
    RTR cleaning system always keeps the electrolysis tank clean and thus enables a stable electrolytic capacity. Also, you can touch the cleaning button whenever you want to.
  • Voice ON/OFF & volume control function
    If the door is open, water outflow automatically stops for the user safety.
  • Prevents influx of hot water
    When hot water gets into the NMMP, it automatically stops water outflow and shows message on the screen.
  • Detects door open
    You can turn ON or OFF the volume when you need.
  • Model
  • Appearance
    • Size
    • 300(W) x 135(D) x 350(H) mm
    • Weight
    • 5kg
  • Water release
    • Amount of water release
    • Lessthan 2L /min
    • Water release steps
    • Alkalinewater 1,2,3, H2O, Acidicwater1,2,
  • Water release
    • Operation
    • Touch screen
    • Display
  • Power
    • Power supply
    • SMPS(10A)
    • Power consumption
    • Max.220W
  • Electrolysis
    • Electrodes
    • Platinum Titanium
    • Number of electrodes
    • 9 / 11
  • Filters
    • Filter
    • 2 filtersystem

pH - adjustments

4 alkaline levels :
Level 1 –alkaline water approx. pH 8.5 –9.0
Level 2 –alkaline water approx. pH 9.0 –9.5
Level 3 –alkaline water approx. pH 9.5 –10.0
Level 4 TURBO –alkaline water for special use(pH 10.0 –11.0)

4 acidic levels :
Level 1 –acidic water approx. pH 6.0 –pH 5.5
Level 2 –acidic water approx. pH 5.5 –pH 4.5
Level 3 –acidic water approx. pH 4.5 –pH 3.5
Level 4 TURBO –acidic water for special use(pH 3.5 –2.5)

1 neutral level :
Level 1 –only filtered water, e.g. for taking medicines ※ pH levels depend on
water conditions of each countries.
※ pH levels tend to
fluctuate depending on
the number of electrodes.
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