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Health Benefits

Find out all the Health Advantages that comes with Drinking Tyent Alkaline Water... Read more

Molecules Hydrogen

Over than 1000 Clinical Studies Had found the Health Benefits of Drinking Rich Molecules Hydrogen Water... Read more


Tyent Water has Highest level Anti-Oxidants, but why Antioxidants are so important for your Health... Read more

Mineral Composition
Free Radicals

You may have heard in the Past that the Free Radicals are Bad for Health, but Why... Read more

Alkaline Uses

Find out the summary of the External and Internal Uses for Alkaline Water... Read more

Neutral and Acid Uses

Find out the summary of the External and Internal Uses for Neutral and Acid Water... Read more

What Tyent customers are saying

Great quanlity
I purchased my Tyent machine some 7 years ago in 2010. I've been very happy with the performance and health benefits from having the machine and would recommend it to everyone.
Great quanlity
Hi my name is Kun. I have bought many Water Ionizer Machines in the past, however recently I have bought UCE-11 Turbo. I was very impressed by its performance and size as it does take much room in my kitchen and its efficiency of producing more alkaline water and less acidic water. After many wrong choices in the past buying different Water Ionizer, now I am very happy with my decision to buy UCE-11 Turbo and recommend to every one looking for Performance and Style.
Great quanlity
I purchased MMP-7070 from TYENT Australia. The reason was after read about the how this water can improve my skin, next step to find the best water ionizer machine. I was lucky to find and buy Tyent Water. Surprising within 2 to 3 months my skin starts to clear and kept improving. Now after nine years I still enjoy drinking Tyent water every day.If you looking to keep your skin healthy and feeling good,I strongly recommend to anyone to buy Tyent Water Machines as they are durable, reliable and automatically cleaning their plates without using chemicals.

Latest News

Both fresh and processed meat are acidic, so a strict paleo diet means quite rich in acid. When you're following a Paleo-based diet, drinking alkaline water ionizers from a water ionizer can help rebalance your body, neutralize some of those acids, and maintain a healthy pH.

So why is this a good thing? First, let's look at how we live. Our modern diet tends to be acidic. Drinking alkaline water helps to rebalance our pH and maintains an optimal alkaline pH of 6.9 - 7.2.

And do you know what domestic Tyent? Yes. Hydrogen. Strong, powerful elements are contained in every glass of water Tyent

Each glass of fresh hydrogen water from your Tyent water ionizer gives you five times more hydration than conventional water.