Alkaline Water Benefits

Alkaline Water Overview—What Is It?

Alkaline water is water that's less acidic than regular tap water. This means it is rich in alkalizing compounds, including calcium, silica, potassium, magnesium, and bicarbonate.

Studies have shown that drinking Alkaline water can benefit your health with Blood pressure, Blood sugar and other health issues. Alkaline Water is also a Powerful Antioxidant that can benefit your health.

Alkaline Water has many ideal properties which offer amazing health benefits. We would like to share those benefits with you and your family.

Research shows that using Alkaline in your day can assist with the below

  • Anti-aging properties
  • Detoxifying effects
  • Immune support
  • Powerful Antioxidant
  • Balances PH level of the body
  • Better Hydration
  • Free radical protection
  • Reduces Fatigue
  • Streamlines Digestive system
  • Assists nutrient absorption
  • Improves bone health
  • Hypertension prevention


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Clinical Studies on Alkaline Water

Alkaline Water Testimonials

Healthy Skin and Feeling Good

By Alex A, Alkaline Water User

2009 I purchased MMP-7070 from TYENT Australia. The reason was after I read how this water can improve the skin, next step was to find the best water ionizer machine in the market.

I was lucky to find that Tyent Water Ionizers to be the best. I purchased one and start to drink more than 2 litters every day. I was Surprised that within 2 to 3 months my skin starts to clear and kept improving. Now after nine years I still enjoy drinking Tyent water every day.

If you looking to keep your skin healthy and feeling good, I strongly recommend to anyone to buy Tyent Water Machines as they are durable, reliable and automatically cleaning their plates without using chemicals.

Alex A.
Sydney NSW

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Overall Analysis:

In the past decade, the decrease in the quality of tap water because of pollution of the global environment over time has become a major social problem. Air pollution affects water in soils, rivers, and farm products by acid rain. Chemicals in polluted water are considered to generate oxidative stress to the human body and cause health issues to the individual.

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Are There Benefits of Owning a Water Ionizer System Over Buying Bottled Alkaline Water?

Throughout our website you will find hundreds of benefits of owning a water ionizer. See a quick summary of the benefits of our alkaline, ionized water now. Then, check out how the benefits of owning a unit far outweigh buying bottled alkaline water. Here is a quick list of the key topics that will be covered here:

The hassle of buying bottled alkaline water

The hassle of buying alkaline water is based on the lack of convenience. In many regions, bottled alkaline water is only sold through health food stores or can only be found online. Therefore, you will need to take an extra trip or step to purchase it.

Aside from making a special trip, you will also need to load it into your cart, lug it back to your car, drag it into your home and then store it until you need it.

The cost of buying bottled alkaline water

The cost of buying bottled alkaline water is about 50 times more than the cost of owning a water ionizer. A glass of water from a Tyent water ionizer costs about 6 cents a glass. Plus, you will not have to pay for the gas to make that special trip to the health food store just to buy it. Or, pay the high cost of shipping.

The environmental cost of buying bottled alkaline water has a high price tag as well. There are a lot of hidden costs and environmental factors that you may have not considered like these:

  • The cost of fuel used to make and transport the plastic bottles
  • The energy used for manufacturing
  • The cost of fuel in transporting heavy liquids in bottles across the country to distributors
  • The cost of your fuel to transport the bottles to your home
  • The cost of recycling or the environmental cost from taking up more landfill space

The shortcomings of buying bottled alkaline water

The shortcomings of buying bottled alkaline water over owning a water ionizer are vast. Aside from the whopping costs and tremendous hassles of buying bottled alkaline water, you will not get the same health benefits either. Sure, bottled alkaline water is healthier than ordinary bottled water, but it does not have as many antioxidants as alkaline water that is fresh from your water ionizer.

Plus, you are limited to the pH level that comes in the bottle. Whereas, with a Tyent unit you can choose the pH level that you want. Remember, there are so many money saving uses for the various pH levels available in your Tyent unit.

As a gift to you, here is a free E-book on the many uses of the water available from a Tyent water ionizer.

TOP 5 Reasons To Try TYENT

Tyent Alkaline Water Is the Healthiest Water You Can Drink!

It's Energizing! Just look at how it stimulates your blood cells.

It's Unbelievably Thirst-Quenching due to the molecular hydrogen in Tyent Water.

It's Immune-Boosting! There are more antioxidants in Tyent Water than a glass of orange juice.

There are so many benefits of alkaline water that we can't list them all here.

Tyent Water Ionizers Are Easy and Convenient! The best way to drink alkaline water is fresh from the tap. Tyent units are so easy to use and will save you from lugging back bottled water (that's not even as healthy) from the store.

Tyent Alkaline Water Is Doctor Recommended! Just look at the doctors and scientists who support the benefits of alkaline water.

100% Satisfaction Guaranteed! Tyent Is the only water ionizer company that offers a 75-day trial and a zero stipulations Platinum Lifetime Warranty. We know you will love Tyent Water as much as we do!

Insist on Chemical-Free Alkaline Water! All Tyent Water Ionizers are certified chemical free. Don't risk drinking dangerous chemicals in your water.

Alkaline Water Ionizer Benefits

Ionized alkaline water will contain thousands of tiny bubbles when it pours out of a Tyent water ionizer. Those bubbles are molecular hydrogen, which is the antioxidant property of ionized alkaline water. Molecular hydrogen is the most fragile aspect of ionized water, lasting only a maximum of 18-24 hours, which is why it is important to consume ionized water when it is fresh out of your Tyent water ionizer.

Bottom line: What you really need is an
alkaline water ionizer machine!