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UCE Ultra Filter Set

Tyent ACE Ultra Filter Set

Tyent ACE Ultra Filter Set

UCE Ultra Filter Set

  • Using latest filtration technology in the world
  • Double Set Filters to give you up to 99.99% Purity
  • Feel the difference in Taste and Health Benefit.
  • Simply Best Water Ionizer Filtration in the World!
  • 0.01 Micron - Similar to Kidney Dialysis Machines used in the Hospital
  • Primary ACF Fiber Active Carbon Filter Removes Rust, Dregs, Chlorine, VOCs Plus
  • Secondary Composite Ceramic Filter with Ion Ceramic to Create Electrolytes

Product Features

Double Water Filtration

Tyent Ultra Filtration MMP series is a double filtration water ionizer and uses a double Membrane 0.01 Micron Active Carbon /EM Ceramics Filter combined with a 10 Stages Ultrafilter (UF) Membrane Filter.

The primary double Membrane Active Carbon/ EM Ceramics Filter is highly refined (0.01 micron) and is NSF-42 approved and removes heavy metals, asbestos, bacteria, pesticides and pharmaceutical residues without filtering important minerals such as calcium or magnesium. Active carbon also removes undesired odorous or flavouring substances and neutralizes chlorine which is often added by the waterworks as a disinfectant

The secondary filter used in the Tyent Rettin UCE-9000 Turbo is the UF Membrane filter. The 10 step Ultra-Filtration membrane features tiny micro-pores of 0.01um which the water is forced through, the pores of the UF membranes are so tiny that bacteria and viruses are unable to pass through. This filter also removes any remnant chlorine and organic/inorganic compounds using the activation - absorption method generating perfectly clean water for consumption.
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