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Tyent Australia....Where Science and Experience Meet
is the only Alkaline and Health Specialist Website with a qualified Practitioner

As a Naturopath, Qualified in Live Blood Analysis and Genes Certified Practitioner with a decade of experience with thousands of Patients and Customers I am fully convinced that Alkaline Ionized Water is the key to Human Health.

Not only water is the essence of life, but in my professional opinion with hundreds of testimonials, it is the foundation of a good health. Many chronic dieases can benefit tremendously by simply hydrating your body with Alkaline Ionized Water. Our Patients and Customers have reported to us about the great relief from many symptoms such as, brain fog, better sleeping, feeling well and relax, elevation of eczema and other skin problems, constipation, gout, urinary tract infections, reflux, heartburn, indigestion, joints pain, muscles pain, weight loss and more energy to mention just a few.

At Tyent Australia we love helping people from all ages to super alkaline their bodies, through the best Awarded Water Ionizer Machines in 2012, Portable Water Alkalisers and for the first time two new products, Beyond Greens Powder and Anti-aging defense two most Potent Detox and Anti-oxidant products in the market today. We have also included 10 minutes free consultation, Be Well Newsletters and Free 6 Alkaline Longevity Programs and More...

Our goal is to help and support those who are searching for answers on their health problems, their chronic diseases or just looking to feel and live well.

I am looking forward to hearing from you and if you have any questions on the best way to alkaline your body and optimized your health. Contact me today!

Tony Jaafar - Founder
Naturopath and Genes Certified Practitioner