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Single Filter pHandOrp

Single Filter pHandOrp


Quick Overview

  • Water filter Replacement Package of 1 filter
  • Suitable only to PHandOrp Ionizer.
  • Each filter can refill 1,400 times per filter OR 3 months!
  • Clean, fresh tasting water
  • Reduces heavy metals, and chlorine

Product Features

Product Features

Filter Composition

  • De-Chlorination ceramic: Removes chlorine and heavy metals in the tap water.
  • Mineral ceramic: Converts tap water into alkaline water.
  • Activated carbon ceramic: Purifies water and removes bad odors.
  • TM ceramic: Provides minerals and emits far infrared rays.

Filtering Process

As tap water interact with different natural minerals, it turns in 3-4 minutes into a refreshing and excellent tasting water that is smooth and easy to drink.

The ceramic balls in the filter emit far infrared rays and negative ions, exchange ions, remove chlorine and nasty odours in tap water and convert regular tap water into alkaline ionized water
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