The ONLY Water Ionizers with Hydrogen Boost

A Pair of Champions

Tyent's ACE-11 "Above Counter Extreme" and UCE-11 "Under Counter Extreme" use the most advanced technology in the world.

Enjoy advanced interactive touchscreen capability, ultrafiltration, and so much more. Our all-new 11-plate water ionizer will revolutionize the way you look and feel on the inside and the outside.
Enjoy the perfect glass of water anytime, regardless of the quality of your source water.
Tyent has an A+ rating with the BBB, and a 5-star rating for quality and customer service.

Taste the Difference…
      Feel the Difference…

Tyent Australia offers the only water ionizers with Hydrogen boost. No other ionizers, again, can compete or compare to Tyent in this field.

In the past decade, the decrease in the quality of tap water because of pollution of the global environment over time has become a major social problem. Air pollution affects water in soils, rivers, and farm products by acid rain. Chemicals in polluted water are considered to generate oxidative stress to the human body and cause health issues to the individual. After drinking Tyent's hydrogen rich water you will not want to drink regular tap water again

Tyent Water tastes crisp and delicious, and it goes down smooth…

While great taste is rewarding, it’s just one of the many benefits of owning a Tyent water ionizer. For instance, just wait until you see how energized you feel after drinking it!

Studies have shown that drinking Alkaline water can benefit your health with Blood pressure, Blood sugar and other health issues. Alkaline Water is also a Powerful Antioxidant that can benefit your health.

Cutting Edge Technology

From Ultra Filtration to smartphone-inspired touchscreens, Tyent water ionizers have it all!

Water Ionizer with Multiple Plates

Hybrid Plate Technology

Tyent engineers are never satisfied with basic components, and our plates are no exception. At Tyent, we didn’t settle for just a solid plate because it doesn’t create enough antioxidants and hydrogen. Plus, we skipped using mesh plates because of their lack of durability. Instead, the engineers at Tyent developed a hybrid plate to give you the best of both worlds…strength and performance.

Water Ionizer with Dual Micron Filtration

Dual .01 Micron Filtration

While other ionizer skimp on filter media, Tyent engineers designed the most advanced ionizer filters in the industry.

Tyent filters have been tested by an EPA certified lab and have been shown to remove over 200 contaminants, including 99% of lead. We’re the only ionizer company to show you our full water ionizer filter report. See Tyent’s water ionizer filter report now.

Touch-Screen Technology

Tyent’s team of engineers observed how people love their smartphones and modeled our touchscreens to function similarly. You will love how easy our ionizer touchscreens are to use.

With everything right at your fingertips, getting a great-tasting glass of healthy hydrogen water has never been easier.

Tyent Water Ionizers are POWERFUL!

Unparalleled Power

Tyent has the science behind the water! Tyent water ionizers are the only water ionizers with Hydrogen boost. No other ionizer brand can compare or compete with Tyent!


Increased Energy Through Drinking Healthy Water

Everyone can use more energy. Why not boost your energy levels by using the cleanest and healthiest water possible. Tyent water is less acidic than regular tap water and has many antioxidants and health benefits.

Certifications You Can Count On

It’s extremely important to look into the certifications that a water ionizer company has, especially since it’s producing water for your consumption.

Tyent has an A+ rating with the BBB, and a 5 star rating from Facebook for quality and customer service.

Outstanding Service with One-Touch Technology

Water by design empowers you with the ability to adjust your water to suit your needs, you can adjust PH levels up or down as necessary to ensure you are drinking the correct water for you.

It doesn't matter how bad the source water is you can adjust levels to get the best water to meet your needs.

As an added bonus Tyent Australia Water Ionizers remember your settings previously selected, so you can just push a button and receive the perfect alkaline water again and again.

Make Your Kitchen More Special Than Ever

Luxury should not be expensive..... At Tyent Australia we want you to have every luxury in your water ironizer....

Tyent Water Australia understands the need for appliances to fit in with their environment and have made stylish, designed and compact high end appliances.

Tyent is the only water ionizer brand to be featured on E! Channel’s Homes of the Future, Cnet and the Discovery Channel.

It’s no wonder that Tyent continues to be the top selling water ionizer on the market!


Insist on Chemical and Lead-Free Water Filtration

Tyent Australia Filters produce the purest water with TM-Ceramic and Carbon Blocks.

Tyent filters are designed to remove large suspended matter like rust and dregs, residual chlorine in water, and volatile organic compounds.

Made with various ceramics, it has abundant minerals and absorbs and eliminates organic-chemical material that were not filtrated through the 1st filter, and changes water into clean and healthy water

Studies have shown that drinking Alkaline water can benefit your health with Blood pressure, Blood sugar and other health issues.

Automatic PAST Cleaning System

Science Matters

Tyent’s PAST Cleaning System consists of reverse cleaning. Reverse cleaning works by reversing the polarity of the plates. It’s an advanced cleaning technology that’s unique and will give you peace of mind.

Here’s Why…

Unlike most ionizers where you need to use cleaning cartridges every month, Tyent ionizers save you a lot of money and headaches from having to constantly buy expensive cleaning cartridges.

Many competitors have strict stipulations and terms, and they will void you warranty if you do not provide proof that you are continually purchasing cleaning cartridges. Don’t fall victim to these strict rules. Instead, avoid the headaches and choose Tyent because Tyent is the only water ionizer company to offer a lifetime warranty with no stipulations and zero fine print.

Current Offers

  • ACE-11
  • UCE-11
Tyent Above Counter EXTREME 11 Water Ionizer


Tyent’s all new ACE-11 Water Ionizer with Hydrogen Boost. It’s a real ACE in every sense of the word!

The engineers at Tyent thought of everything when they designed the ACE-11. It’s loaded with advanced features including front load filters for easy filter exchange, 10-Amp SMPS Plus for super antioxidant levels, a gorgeous genuine stainless steel front to match your appliances, smartphone touchscreen for ease of use, Ultra Filters for the cleanest ionized water available, and a sleek design for a small and slim countertop footprint.

Discover even more reasons why the ACE-11 is was chosen as Water Ionizer of the Year by

Other Water Ionizers


New NMP - 9 electrodes

If you're looking for a great classic water ionizer, then check out our other water ionizer choices right here.

Putting It All Together

Tyent Australia uses cutting edge technology to ensure your water ironizer is an excellent source of oxygen to keep you hydrated and healthy. Studies have shown that drinking Alkaline water can benefit your health with Blood pressure, Blood sugar and other health issues. Alkaline Water is also a Powerful Antioxidant that can benefit your health.

Woman drinking ionized alkaline water from TyentUSA Tyent Ironizers are athsetically designed to suit your kitchen and fit in well with all high end appliances.Use of ceramics in our filters ensure chemical and lead free filtration no matter the quality of the source water. You can customize your water to accommodate cleaning, sterilizing, or disinfecting applications.Hybrid plate technology provides you with strength and durabilty of the plates as well as ensuring enough hydrogen and antioxidants are available.Full digital operation and control ensures your water ironizer remembers previously used settings, so a push of the button is all you need to do.

Scientists in lab developing hybrid plate technologyOur scientists and engineers work hard to ensure you get the best nine and eleven plate ironizers in the country, they are advancing with this technology in ways never before seen. Tyent Australia supplies water ionizers with the biggest plates in the industry. Bigger plates mean more power, and ours are made from solid, medical-grade mesh that is strengthened by titanium and dipped multiple times in platinum to extend the lifespan of your ionizer and heighten the ratio of generating hydrogen.

By choosing Tyent Australia as your source for the healthiest alkaline water in the world, you get much more than just cutting-edge technology. We are here for you before and after the sale, so you can take full advantage of all the incredible benefits your new above-counter or under-counter water ionizer machine has to offer. If you have any questions about our product selection, please contact a member of our team for further assistance.

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