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H2 Cap Plus

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Tyent Slimline Shower - Chrome

Tyent Slimline Shower Replacement Cartridge

Tyent Slimline Shower Replacement Cartridge

H2 Cap Plus

The SMALLEST, STRONGEST and the BEST hydrogen generator in the world.

Product Features

Product Features

The SMALLEST, STRONGESTand the BEST hydrogen generator in the world.

Small and Light

Meet the world’s smallest andlightest hydrogen generator

Now you can enjoy drinking the purest hydrogen water ANYWHERE you travel.

And Powerful…

Stable amount of
Dissolved Hydrogen

Hydrogen acts as an Anti-oxidant in
the water & similar to Vitamin C or E.

Do not underestimate it.
Among existing Products

H2CAP has the strongest water-generating capacity.

For the first time in industry, H2CAP PRODUCES MORE THAN 1000ppb OF Hydrogen with only 3 minutes and 30 seconds of power supply (Based on 500 ml)

With active hydrogen over 1000 PPB and ORP up to -400Mv.
The amount of hydrogen can be preserved longer at the room temperature.

With Strongest Material and 100% Toxins Free

Stainless SteelLight but hard case

Non-Toxic SiliconMade of Toxin Free Silicone

tritanPBA Free Body

More about H2CAP…

Video1: H2CAP PLUS Benefits

Product Made Specifications:

Great Materials – The H2Cap is made with Non-Toxic materials, only. You don’t have to Plastic Lid – Every Plastic used to make H2CAP is made with TRITAN including the lid. It is absolutely BPA FREE.

  1. Plastic Lid– Made 100% with Tritan
  2. Rubber Packing – Made with Non-toxic silicone, it prevents leakage of water.
  3. Body – By using stainless steel, it has the best design as well as durability.
  4. USB cable – Since the power is supplied by USB cable, it is applicable with various devices. It is much more convenient than any other hydrogen generators.
  5. Rubber Packing – It is also made with Non-toxic silicone.

worry about the safety anymore.

Video 2: H2CAP PLUS Box Contents

H2CAP PLUS and what comes inside the Box

Powerful Performance

  1. Stable amount of hydrogen
    The hydrogen in the water stays more stable.
  2. 3min 30 sec: more than 1000 ppb
    Abundant hydrogen, with the shortest time. Normally, pure water has 0 PPB.
  3. ORP: -400 mV
    Oxidation Reduction Potential goes up to -400mV. (ORP is ability to alleviate or remove oxidation process in our body. The lower the better.)

Video 3: Testing H2CAP PLUS

Incomparable TECHNOLOGY

  1. Unique 9-LAYERS Generator System Absolutely with a new technology to Produce 100% of hydrogen. They perform the best electrolytic efficiency as It generates the purest hydrogen Free of O2. H2CAP is the strictly Hydrogen Generator producing the Lowest -400mv ORP in the world.

  2. Patent acquired CROSS-MESH type of plates - With specially designed & PATENTED CROSS-MESH TYPE of electrolysis plates, it can achieve the best efficiency compared to other types of plates despite its small size.

  3. Special PEM (Polymer Electrolyte Membrane) - H2CAP’s engineers developed the most innovative PEM, which surpasses the effectiveness of existing PEMs, Producing the Highest and Purest anti-oxidant water available.

  4. Digital controlling system - H2CAP Fully controls electrical current and effectively with high-end PCB.

AI (Artificial Intelligence) FUNCTIONS

  1. AI (Artificial Intelligence) Cleansing Alarm - H2CAP automatically monitors the condition of the electrolysis plates and membrane. And has an indicator via red LED when it can’t generate 1,000ppb hydrogen water.

  2. Over 1,000 PPB anytime, anywhere - With digital system and special power supply system, H2CAP periodically checks the condition of water quality, membrane and plates. It helps H2CAP to generate the purest hydrogen water over 1,000 PPB, every time you use it.

  3. Lifetime extension technology - With AI cleansing alarm & self-controlling system based on our incomparable technology, customers can maintain the best quality of H2CAP for longer period of time.

Video 4: Maintaining H2CAP PLUS

Product Specifications:

Video 5: Using H2CAP PLUS



In the Gym

At Home

AT Work

Drink Hydrogen Water is Easier now with H2CAP!

DRINK Hydrogen Water

If you have a Smartphone, a Laptop or a Portable Charger You can drink active drinking water anywhere.

If you have a Smartphone, a Laptop or a Portable Charger You can drink active drinking water anywhere.

The new trend of USB

With the use of TYPE C USB which is to be applied to almost every electronic product in the Future. We enhanced versality of H2CAP.

Applicable with
Water bottles

with the inlet size of 30mm. International Standard Of water Bottle (30mm)

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