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Tyent History

Established in 1995, Tyent have been helping millions of people for over 16 years and continued to spend countless hours on research and development. Tyent strive to ensure that all of their products are utilizing the latest technologies available. Our ISO approved factory in Korea follows strict quality control standards and every machine is tested by hand before it leaves the factory. Our goal is to continue to bring people across the world the finest and healthiest water ionizer ever created. Feedback from our customers is of great value to us because it allows us to know how we can improve our products for ultimate customer satisfaction.

Tyent was the first company in the world to introduce 3, 5, and 7 and now 9 plates increasing the power and the Ph level to highest level in the market today. They revolutionize more plates than the rest around the world. Their innovation was followed and sought by their competitors.

Tyent is an environmentally friendly company that contributed to the improvement of health and the preservation of nature with acquisitions of many international certifications like ISO9001, ISO14001, and approval as a company of KGMP (Korea Good Manufacturing Practice).

Today tyent has more than sixty types of patent registrations, and has four business divisions - medical equipment division, sterilizing division, environmental home appliances division and living & health division. Products produced in each division like medical substance producing equipment (alkaline water reducer and water ionizer), sterilizing solution generator, water purifier, shower appliances and natural fermented soaps have been getting excellent responses among customers with superior quality.

Tyent Australia is the only company in the world who focuses on creating optimal health through the finest water ionization systems and a unique body program offered to all our clients that can help them to tailor the ideal diet and body weight. This specific health questioner will enable us to design the ideal diet and your healthy ratio of your body fat/protein/water ratio so that you can maximize your chances of living a healthy and disease free life.

Tyent has been doing its best to become a world-class company by focusing on the innovative product developments using the accumulated field based experiences and continuous investment. Its driving force is depending on the endless challenges toward better tomorrow. Tyent Australia products are manufactured 100% in Korea, different to other company in Australia who are merely an investors seeking the cheapest possible contracts with other factories and produce for the same brand products in different countries such as Taiwan, Malaysia etc..