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About Tyent Australia

The world Experts in Health and Longevity

Tyent Australia is an Authorised Dealer in Australia and New Zealand for the best and most advance water ioniser machines in the market today. Tyent is dedicated to create the awareness of and delivering the best and tremendous health benefits that comes with drinking Alkaline Ionised Water.

Tyent Australia focuses to bring to Australia and New Zealand the premier Water Ioniser Filters in the world from Tyent Korea who has been helping thousands of people with their cutting edge technology products since 1995. Tyent Korea has invested countless efforts in research and developments to perfect the Water Ionizer Filters and to guarantee its products to be 100% chemical free.

Our ISO approved factory in Korea follows strict quality control standards, and every machine is tested by hand before it leaves the factory to make sure all machines are in excellent conditions.
Our goal is to continue to bring people across the world the finest and healthiest water & filtration products ever created.
Our Mission

Deliver the best Water Ionizer Filters in the market today.
Deliver health and wellness newsletters to all our customers
Promote health awareness and educating the public about the value of health and its benefits

Message from the CEO

Welcome to Tyent Australia. My name is Tony founder and director of Tyent Australia. I was introduced to water ioniser by my friend Dr Arthur Echano in 1998. After few weeks of drinking alkaline water, I felt huge changes in my health and well being. From then on I never drank any other water aside from Alkaline ionized Water.
Today I largely attribute my health and wellbeing to these reasons

Alkaline Ionised Water is the richest source of oxygen among other water types.
Alkaline ionised water is the richest source of alkaline minerals compares with other water quality such as “distilled water”, “revise osmosis, “bottle water”, etc.”
Alkaline Ionised Water is 6 times wetter, helping to flush the colon and the kidney from excess toxins that could be detrimental to health.

I strongly recommend you to join me and thousands other customers and enjoy all the health benefits that comes with drinking Alkaline Ionized Water.

Tony Jaafar
Managing Director